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Mitchell County

Second Lowest Business Cost in the Country.


Iowa is 2nd lowest in business cost nationally.


We're top 20% for academic research and development.


Iowa is ranked #1 in the country for opportunity.

Middle of everywhere

Our Location

Mitchell County gives businesses a place to grow with room to expand and the advantage of being the center point between the North American coasts, allowing for convenient shipping throughout the nation and world.

Mitchell County is located less than 25 miles from Interstate 35 and businesses only have to travel 11 miles to reach Interstate 90 from its northern border. The Avenue of the Saints is located 10 miles south of Mitchell County connecting St. Paul, MN and St. Louis, MO.

Two major railroads intersect Mitchell County, the Canadian Pacific Railroad and the Canadian National Railroad. Competing railroads make for good freight rates and these two lines are less than a mile apart in the north end of Mitchell County.

The City of Osage houses an airport on the east end of the community with a 3,400 foot long runway. Rochester, MN houses an international airport, which is just 60 minutes away from Mitchell County. There is also the Mason City, IA airport less than 30 miles west of Mitchell County.

Productive & Talented

The Work Force

A business locating to Mitchell County will be well positioned for success in a state with a history of scientific and business innovation, supported by well-educated, knowledgeable employees. The community college system in Iowa is excellent and supports both academic and career programs.

Our County has a long tradition of providing a productive workforce. In Iowa, over 80% of those who apply for manufacturing jobs have finished high school, and many have post secondary education. This number is even higher in the Mitchell County area.

An educated workforce means a more motivated laborer, lower start-up costs, lower training costs, fewer job-related accidents, shorter training periods and an excellence and pride in quality and production. This reality has been a long-standing tradition in the Mitchell County area.

Our Properties

Available Business Space in our County

203 E Main, Riceville
Phil Kolbet
Sq Ft
101 Plaza Lane
Kevin Kolbet
Sq Ft
Osage, IA
1820 Main St
Clarence Kruse
Sq Ft
Stacyville, IA
201/203 S Broad St. Stacyville
Clarence Kruse
Sq Ft
Stacyville, IA
114 S Broad St. Stacyville
Clarence Kruse
Sq Ft
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